According to the most recent data as reported by the Associated Press, the average car loan rose 4.5% in the past 12 months to an average of $14,435. The average balance has increased primarily through incentives offering better repayment terms and looser underwriting criteria, which has increased the sales of new cars.

Consumers should pay attention to their total loan balance as car values depreciate over time. While incentives that result in carrying a higher loan balance might make payments easier, you will likely be left with a higher balance should you decide to sell or trade earlier than anticipated. Zero percent financing with little money down remains an attractive option for many car buyers. But don’t forget to check conventional loan rates and compare savings from taking rebates or other incentives in lieu of financing incentives over the life of your car loan.

Today consumers purchase cars with the primary thought of “what’s my payment going to be?” Make sure you are also asking the question, “How much debt is this going to put me in”.

Compare Rates (For Real) On Nebraska Car Insurance

In marketing insurance online, thousands of companies and individual websites (ours included) promise the opportunity to quickly and easily compare car insurance rates. In practice it usually isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be simply because insurers aren’t typically willing to put their real rates in a public-facing site or database where they have no [...]

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Deadline Approaching For 20 Million Toyota Owners To File A Simple Claim For Cash

Thumbnail image for Deadline Approaching For 20 Million Toyota Owners To File A Simple Claim For Cash

Do you own a 2001-2010 Toyota Prius or a 2002-2010 Camry?  If so it’s probably time to start paying attention to a class action settlement that’s in the works.  On Friday June 14, a U.S District Judge in California temporarily halted approval of a $1.1 Billion settlement with owners of the referenced vehicles.  However, the [...]

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Rainy and Cold Spring Taking Toll On Midwest Racing

Race fans across the Midwest are finding that Mother Nature has not been a fan of local racing this Spring.  Track promoters are scrambling to get seasons started and many big events have fallen victim to the weather.  While spring rainouts are to be expected, this year has proven to be an extreme example of [...]

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How $25 Can Make Driving Fun And Save You Money

We have tried several OBD2 scan tools that hook to your car’s on-board computer to diagnose any problems with your car.  This gives you the same information as the repair shop to help you self-diagnose repairs without the initial service charge.  But we must have been asleep at the wheel as things evolved to where [...]

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