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How To Find Low Rates In Alabama

The State of Alabama offers sample rate comparisons from various insurers in selected cities. This information is extremely helpful in helping residents to save on car insurance rates. The information can be found on the Department of Insurance website. Looking through the data, it appears that consistently low rates can be found from USAA, which insures military and veterans families and Alfa, which is provided through the Farm Bureau. For the rest of the population, rates vary widely depending on demographic and geographic factors. A good starting point when searching for cheap insurance in Alabama is to select a city that is closest in population to where you live and similar demographic factors.

But the state provided data is just a starting point. After you get feel for an appropriate rate, the next step is to get some actual quotes. We recommend entering your zip code in our form near the top of this page nd you will be returned a list of companies that are marketing to Alabama residents. From that list, select a couple of companies and get a quote to give you a real estimate of what you will pay. We have found that most companies on the list are offering low rates to attract new customers and savings can be substantial.

After you have found a low rate, decide whether the company is one that meets your needs, or whether you prefer the service of a local agent. If you choose to go the agent route, simply place a few calls and within a few minutes the agent will be able to give you an accurate quote. If you tell the agent the price they need to beat to earn your business, quite often they will find discounts or other ways to earn your business. Finding cheap insurance isn't difficult if you take some time to compare rates. Within roughly an hour, many consumers can find savings of hundreds of dollars on their car insurance rates.

Factors Affecting Insurance Costs

Speed Limit in Cities 65
Speed Limit On Highways 65
Blood Alcohol Percentage Limit 0.08
Open Container Law Both the driver and passenger of vehicles are prohibited from posessing open alcohol
Handheld Cell Phones There is no statewide ban on hand held cell phone use while driving.
Cell Usage By Driver There is no state wide ban on all cell phones by drivers.
License Suspension on DUI On a first offense for DUI/DWI drivers license is suspened for 90 days.
Restoration Available After DUI Driving privileges may not be restored during period of suspension.

Auto Insurance Premium Data

2010 Average Premium $0.00
2010 Average Premium $0.00
2009-2010 % Change 0.03%
2010 Collission Cost $0.00
2010 Liability Cost $0.00
2010 Comprehensive Cost $0.00
2010 Premium Rank 39

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