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Lower rates for car insurance are within your reach. Alaska residents can use our tool above by submittting a zip code and thereafter find a list of major companies offering low rates. Each result includes a description of the company's offfer along with a link to get a rate quote. For more sophisticated or curious visitors, take a look at our wealth of tip and suggestions about how you can find a rate that fits within your budget. Car insurance can be customized to be more affordable by varying deductables, coverage, payment terms and other options. Alaska rates vary greatly within the state. The more informed you become, the more you will likely save.

Alaska Rates:

Auto insurance premiums averaged $973.61 in Alaska in 2010, representing a change of 3.80 percent from the previous year when rates averaged $937.83. The 2010 figures indicate that liability coverage averaged $600.28, collision averaged $393.56, and comprehensive averaged $167.96. There were 10 states that had higher average premiums and 39 with lower premiums. In 2010 there were 10 states with higher rates than Alaska. Taking a look at a longer trend, premiums for car insurance in 2000 averaged $770.11 and in 2008, $826.10. In the year 2008, 11 states had higher premiums.

Factors Affecting Insurance Costs

Speed Limit in Cities 55
Speed Limit On Highways 65
Blood Alcohol Percentage Limit 0.08
Open Container Law Only the driver is prohibited from having open alcohol.
Handheld Cell Phones There is no statewide ban on hand held cell phone use while driving.
Cell Usage By Driver There is no state wide ban on all cell phones by drivers.
License Suspension on DUI On a first offense for DUI/DWI drivers license is suspened for 90 days.
Restoration Available After DUI Driving priviliges may be restored under certain circumstances 30 days following suspension.

Auto Insurance Premium Data

2010 Average Premium $973.61
2010 Average Premium $937.83
2009-2010 % Change 3.80%
2010 Collission Cost $393.56
2010 Liability Cost $600.28
2010 Comprehensive Cost $167.96
2010 Premium Rank 11

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