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Finding Cheap Car Insurance In Arkansas

The State of Arkansas provides a comprehensive database of rates submitted by auto insurers for consumers. Unlike many other states, the Arkansas system is quite detailed with the ability for users to select a number of sample scenarios. It is doubtful that you will find your exact scenario, but it is an excellent tool for finding cheap rates by simply choosing factors that most closely resemble your own information and using the rates as a starting point for finding low rates.

Let's take a look at a few examples to see how it works:

We begin by selecting a middle aged person with fairly standard $100,000/$300,000 of coverage living in Little Rock driving a 2011 Toyota Camry. After we select the data for this scenario, we are returned a list of companies and premiums. From the first glance at the table of results it is obviously that rates vary widely from company to company. The lowest annual rate is from Farmers Insurance at $378 annually while the highest rate is from Sagamore Insurance at over $3,500. That's nearly a ten-fold difference from the lowest to highest rates for the exact same sample person.

Changing our assumptions slightly reveals that geography and car type substantially affects your rates. When we move the sample driver to Fayetteville and change the car to a 2010 Honda Odyssey, the lowest available rate is $311 - again by Farmers - and the highest is $2,700.

After having compared numerous scenarios across several locations, it appears to us based upon the data provided by the State that some of the lowest cost car insurers in Arkansas include: American National, Farmers, Safeco and USAA (for current and former military members and families).

Your Next Step

Now that you have an idea of a few of the lowest insurers, we suggest that you start by choosing two of those and getting a direct quote. Farmers and American National work through an agent network with agent listings on the company websites. From there, submit your zip code to our tool near the top of this page to find a couple of insurers that might not have been included in the database. You will be given a list of insurers targeting customers in Arkansas. Submit your information to obtain an accurate quote and compare it to the original rates from step 1.

Finally, we encourage you as a final step to contact one or two more local agents with your existing quotes in hand to see if they can find additional discounts or scenarios to beat your existing quotes. At that point, the results will be quite obvious. In our experience you will likely have one or two rates that are substantially lower than any others. From there, investigate the track record for claims, evaluate how easy it is to get in contact with an agent or customer service representative and make your selection.

We are confident that by following the steps above that you will find very cheap rates on car insurance that will result in a substantial savings over your existing rates.